Lokibase Features


  • It drastically reduces the forces transmitted to the structure;
  • It drastically reduces the risk of projection of stored goods;
  • It has the same performances in all directions (isotropic behaviour);
  • It can be installed on any type of storage facility;
  • It can be installed on existing structures when anti-seismic adaptation is necessary;
  • It reduces damage caused by impact with forklifts forks;
  • It Improves safety at work and in public spaces;


  • Maximum allowable capacity (load bearing capacity) = 250 kN;
  • Maximum displacement in each direction = 174 mm;
  • Equivalent viscous damping coefficient = 25%;
  • Energy dissipated = 895 J.


LOKIBASE is an isolator/dissipator device with an input energy cutting function. This system allows both, the control of the introduced forces and the control of the racks system movement during the seismic event. Therefore, there is a drastic reduction of the actions that urge the structure and a drastic decrease of the stored goods projection risk.


The isolator device with its isotropic behaviour allows to separate the motion of the ground from that of the structure. The dissipator device allows the reduction of the accelerations and therefore a decrease of the movement with an improved control of the structure response to the seismic action.

We leave nothing to chance

The tests confirm the quality, performance and reliability of the Lokibase as an anti‐seismic system, without the need for expensive engineering interventions.
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